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Creek Water Whiskey Elevates Consumer Experience With Digital Tagging Technology

June 8, 2021 - Creek Water Whiskey announced today its partnership with Prosurix, a marketing and authentication platform utilizing NFC (near field communication) chips.

The spirits brand implemented a Near-Field Communication (NFC)-enabled tagging solution embedded within the packaging label for consumers to access exclusive content about Creek Water Whiskey. Consumers will experience one-of-a-kind marketing at the point of sale for Creek Water products including access to special promotions, cocktail recipes, product launch announcements, and videos from Creek Water founder and Global recording artist, Yelawolf.

The Prosurix technology uses proprietary algorithms paired with geo-tracking capabilities and can track the location of a product from assembly, all the way to the consumer's hand. This provides product confidence in a market where quality assurance is paramount. The chip is easy for consumers to scan with one tap of their smartphone and does not require abundant visibility from light. “NFC is standardized in smartphones today and is gaining popularity with consumers in a post-COVID world where contactless experiences are abundant,” says Steve Glamuzina – Founder of the Prosurix Tech Tool.

“Creek Water Whiskey fans seek out the latest updates about the brand and Yelawolf through various digital outlets, which is why the implementation of NFC tagging provides a unique opportunity for us to elevate the customer experience,” said Anthony Moniello, CEO of Creek Water. “We are looking to energize the point-of-purchase engagement and hope to delightfully surprise customers with a glimpse into ever-changing, exclusive Creek Water Whiskey content.”

The tagging technology has been launched by other spirits companies including major wine producer, Jean-Charles Boisset, for consumers to immerse themselves in the stories of wine creation. Spirits companies and consumer goods alike can reap benefits from Prosurix verifiable data and analytics to provide engaging stories with customers along the product journeys.

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About Creek Water Whiskey

From the mind of Slumerican founder and global recording artist Yelawolf, Creek Water is a new American Whiskey breaking traditional brand barriers through grassroots, viral & lifestyle marketing, our unique approach fosters a bond with loyal consumers who have true style and grit.

About Prosurix

Prosurix is a new tech firm with the focus of seamlessly merging supply chain security and a revolutionary method of marketing. Prosurix NFC (near field communication) tags are connected to a cloud-sourced data pool that utilizes geo-tracking capability to source demographics.

Our application streamlines the essential line of communication between brands and their loyal customers. Consumers can post comments on products, and manufacturers have the ability to update their content in real-time.

With just one tap of any smartphone, Prosurix provides an honest dialogue between a brand and its dedicated customers. For information on Prosurix, visit

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